MY MOTHER, the other woman~an emotional remembrance

The emotional ties of mother and daughter transcend all time!

Today I have been thinking about my Mother. I wanted her, not for any particular reason, I just needed her presence. Even now, in my older years, I occasionally have these sentiments. That desire has brought me to a melancholy realization. While I knew her as Mother, Mom, Confessor, Listener, and All forgiving heart, that just encompassed me, and my world. I wish I had shared her wispy childhood secrets and known her as girl-wife and watched her grow into the “faith strong” world-facer in her younger years.

The person I discovered in her earlier letters, after she had graduated from this earth, opened my eyes to a real person who operated in this life apart from the things she meant to me, in the child- mother, relationship.

One was at a time in our history when we (Mother and children) remained behind in Texas while my Dad traveled home ahead of us. There was a sentence in one of her letters to him that broke open for me so many unexplored worlds. I knew my Mother had an adventurer’s heart, and an explorer’s soul. She also had a profound trust in her heavenly Father. These special attributes gave a zest for living in whatever place in life that she found herself. I somehow overlooked or did not notice the very special and tender thoughts, for the fulfilled and unfulfilled dreams she shared with my Dad.

I saw the caring mother the beautiful woman, but she dreamed dreams that I never knew. In those sweet and loving letters to my Dad, I discovered another “Her“, and It broke my heart for the woman I missed, the other woman.

In her simple way, she asks the one question that touched every tender part of me "Have you found your house on the hill”? It was so light, but yet, so full of meaning. My Dad was a dreamer in his spirit, (the “what ifs", and the “if I could’ve") and my Mom had gone along for the ride.

I thought she lived in the moment and directly looked at today. I found, in her letters she did look toward the horizon, and I ask myself, "Could I have made some of those dreams come true?” I still laugh at one dream I knew of, it was of me learning to play the harp. That was never likely to happen in this world! Maybe in the next?

But I know that in this very day, whatever time that may reflect in the heavenly realms, my Mother and Daddy are sitting in their "mansion on the hilltop" (whatever that term may mean) looking at all of their dreams fulfilled. In the between time when My Mother is worshiping (with her beautiful face lifted) and My Daddy is praising (in his natural tenor voice) they are waiting with expectancy for me, and I expect that they will be the second and third faces that I will see!

At that time, I will know my Mother fully for I shall see her soul. I embrace her memory.
And yes, Mother, I know Dad found his house on the hill.♥ Happy Mother's Day!.

The emotional ties of mother and daughter transcend all time!


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