Time is Running Out of me!

Each day I have twenty-four hours to "get it done"! "Get what done?" living my life. Not done as in "over with" but as in "accomplished".

So many "things" to do, I don't want to record them. They would look stark in black and white, and I would feel completely dismal.

My time seems refracted and flies in so many directions at once; often all I can do is just pause and let it pass me by in "bits and pieces."

Jesus Christ is my "pull it altogether" source, and it is in His "time frame" I must learn to exist. He is my calmness and priority pointer.

As all people are, I am headed for that "immeasurable plane of time", but, on my way I am drawn to live well each day, in time that is passed in hours.

The importance of reflecting the glory of the "Lover of my soul" is not a matter of "counted time," but of "eternal quality" measured by a depth of commitment, and passion.

Father, when "this" time runs out of me, I will step through heavens gate and do as I please; in Your eternal presence, on my knees with my crown in hand, what will please me? Ah, Lord God…


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