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Rhea B. Riddle
contact me...rd.riddle@att.net
MY JEWELRY~ b's  baubles & necessities~
CAN BE SEEN in downtown Owensboro KY at:
" C-ing Polka-Dots" and  "Simply Chic"
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Wife, (great husband, Don). Mother (perfect children,3).
 And Grandmother (the best ever,6).

     I am 78 years young
         on a good day!

I have belonged to Christ since I was nine years old.

 I do have a nickname, you can read about it on my fuller in my archives:
 The outside me is so misleading; the inside me definitely finds life interesting; I am  curious, adventurous, eager for new things, ready for the next step and sometimes I'm daring!

God Has blessed me with a creative spirit, I love to write and I consider myself a “word doodler”, I also paint, read, make jewelry. I work in our church library and recently joined a new ministry team that will enhance our "food pantry" for those facing crisis. I belong to a bible study whose members span the adult age range.  I work in my flower gardens until about July, after then it is no longer fun. Not too much in to housekeeping, dust is so boring, on the same level as hominy. Other than those two things, everything else in my world is wonderful!
I am blessed.

Want to know more?

Wife of 60 years mother of three grandmother of six.  Loving my life. In case you think you may know me but the name makes no sense that may be because I have so many. Here is a quick run down. Full legal name with maiden name included: Rhea Beverly Wahl Riddle. Family names for me: Rhea (Rae), Rhea Bev., Rhea B., Rhea Beverly, Beverly, Bev, B, Mother, Momma, Sis, Memee, and  Aunt B. To my friends I am: Rusty ( and have been ever since the 7th. grade,) http://rbriddle-blog.blogspot.com/2010/01/what-is-in-name-really.html  )it has to do with my hair, or it did, now I think it is my bones and a few other things! Life goes on and whatever name I am called by I try to answer in a timely matter, but that depends on so many things!

Enjoy my blog, and comment if you wish!

shorter url:    http://goo.gl/wRlIZ