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"b's baubles & necessities"
2014 Inventory sale:
There is no shipping charges If you are local or can pick up. $2.00 for shipping will cover up to 8 pieces.
1. Red and white European style beaded bracelet is strung on red suede (real) 71/2" long Sale price
2. Large purple and black crystals necklace 15" with  earrings - gun metal chain and findings. Sale price $25.00
3. Gold filled necklace 16" with earring with crystals classic style . Sale price
4. Apple green large acrylic beads- earrings- necklace 16"-bracelet stretch fits med. to lg. Sale price
5. SOLD necklace large crystal encrusted pendant.
6. Sterling sliver double chain charm bracelet 8"-heavy s.s. clasp with gemstone- mixed beads  Sale price
$ 20.00
7. European bead necklace on red suede(real) knotted flat cord 20" Sale price
8. Silver cuff bracelet 13/4" wide-61/2" long with 1" opening. handcrafted lg. cabochon with shells encased in resin-triple beaded edge. suede frame with ties and and silver dangle beads Sale price
$ 18.00


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