Taking the Red-Eye

 Recently, my son, who flies often for his job, took a red-eye flight home from CA. He hoped to rest and doze all the way home to a southeastern state, so he would be ready and refreshed for his family and work the next day. He informed me that this is why most people take this late-night trip.

He was unfortunate to have a seat in front of two very talkative men, one a lawyer and one an aeronautical scientist, as they proceeded to get to know each other. My son was incredulous as they began a mutual admiration duet, and started praising each other's high level of intelligence, using very lofty tones, they droned on.

People all around had their earphones on so the movie that was playing could drown out background noise, and they could catch some shut-eye on the red-eye. Because he was setting so near to the two "pseudo" superior humans this didn't happen, they raise their voices to include the whole circle of their captive audience.

My son, not known for his patience grew weary of the men's inconsiderateness for others (especially him) and grew antsy. They were "way" over halfway home, and he had enjoyed no sleep as the love-fest went on and on and on. Knowing him as I do, I am sure by this time his own  sleepy eyes were taking on a reddish glow! Suddenly, the conversation took a turn from them selves, as the scientist stated that he was an atheist, and the lawyer drew him into a theological discussion as to why he had these convictions.

The scientists began his oration; it had to do with the "Civil War." Oh yes, the "Civil War!" It was something like this, (very short version) "Christians" in both Northern and Southern states had prayed to the same (supposed) God, to have their side win in this fight. From his highly enlightened mind, he deducted that this proved there is no God because only one side won, therefore, the other side didn't have their prayers answered, and thus there is no God.

Now fully alert and pushed beyond his bounds, my son (of the glib tongue) who, by the way, also has a science degree and works in the environmental field, turned in his seat, and spoke…

"May I interject?" he says, never lacking for articulate words.

"Why yes." they replied with curiosity.

"You don't seem to understand (oh whoa; ) both sides in the war received an answer from God. One was answered yes and the other, no. God is not a genie whose lamp you rub and always expect to get your wishes granted." With that, he turned around and continued the trip.

A simple direct answer to a very pompous thought! I later asked him how he so quickly had just the right reply for them, he said it was not quick; he had suffered through "hours" thinking about it!

I do not know if the trip continued in silence or not, I was afraid to ask, but I am sure his voice was also raised as he gave his answer, so a little truth was SPREAD around that night dissipating very well that other "STUFF."



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