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God blessed me with a good nights sleep, so I awakened with a renewed strength and resolve to do the things today that will take good care of this body that He has allowed me to indwell. As I resolutely set out to do this, I find that, in reality, I have already begun.

Upon arising, I find I am breathing in this wonderful August air (no humidity today) in KY., smack in the middle of the Ohio River Valley, this is a rare deep summer morning treat. I realize that I have already started my exercises with my "elbow bends"( drinking four cups coffee .) Moving on to the "buttocks tucks" (constant gripping, to keep my desk chair from rolling out from under me.) Next, prolonged knee movement (activating my porch swing.) So far, an energetic & very fruitful AM (swilling cherry milk shake using "light" whipped cream)...now, I hope I can do as well with the rest of my day!

My desire is that you will grin rather than scoff. My serious side will awaken soon, and as I thank the Lord for this beautiful day, I will celebrate and praise my way through it, there you see I do so love to exercise my heart and soul...




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