Was it the heavy breeze of midnight that beckoned so sweetly
Perhaps the moon flickering signals through fresh green boughs.
Ah, it was a clarion call, high-toned sound of brass, weeping in awe
Enticing my adventurous soul once again to the edge of my world.

Awakened in His moment, my spirit soars driven by soulful delight
And a yearning for the ministering of Holy Spirit to willing spirit.
We meet in that place that divides God's heaven and my earth
In necessity I breathe in the air, it is the very essence of His presence.

At the edge of my world, in indulgence, I part ways with self-will
I choose to be led into the renewed, into the faith tryst with Trust.
Within a vision, but aware, I am held by time in this era of my reality
Moments of melding belief with sight, I leave to my Father's tending.

Now on the edge I revel in His light in this night and for tomorrow
An adjusted heart to the blackened world and eyes that truly see.
I am held taut by desire to stay on the mountain top edge of my world
Though pulled to the valley of life by the heartstrings of grace, I yield.

My universe is a proving, testing, place with paths well worn by me
And the edge, well, it is the highest place with a taste of God's eternity.
I will journey there again soon, when comes that sweet clear call
I wait in expectation knowing, He is my transport and my destination.

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