I have slowly slipped into Wednesday. Fortified by three and half cups of fairly decent coffee, the taste no longer matters; it is the action and reaction I am waiting for. I prefer a smooth, gentle flow to wash down my throat in the AM, but a rough edged, grating, spoon melter, will also do the trick. So, I am up for the day, with heart racing, eyes in focus, and brain three steps ahead of my feet. What to do, what to do?

Oh, why did I ask?

It has rained forever here in Kentucky, starting before Easter and continues as I write. I hope the color green is fashionable this year because we're completely covered in it. Don't get me wrong, I love Spring, I love green, and I'll accept a few severe storms with lightning, along the way. I know that it puts nitrogen in the ground and is part of God's plan, etc. etc. etc.

Sorry Lord, I don't mean to be flippant, but five days in a row with the storm warnings, (mornings, daytime, middle of the night) screaming through the alarms all over the county is wearying. Today, I took them with a grain of salt; I did make my son-in-law stop trying to mow the wet, green, tall stuff, and sent him home, then I just moseyed around while they sounded; I showed them!
Like most of the homes in this area, we have no basement, so whenever we get the word, "Go to the lowest floor of your home or head to your safe spot!" I go to the linen closet. Today I casually strolled to the bathroom took out the bottom two shelves (of the cubby hole) in a non-hurried way, placed my hubby's little green stool in there. I tossed in a couple of pillows from the bedroom and went back to the TV room and sat down.

I missed my husband in the midst of all of this "slow-mo" activity, then I heard the back door creek open, and in he came. He, with the freshly mended heart, whose ribs are held in place with wires, had taken up his usual post on the porch to watch for the right cloud to chase him back indoors. For just a moment, there was a little lightning flashing around inside of our house.

We watched the weatherman continuing with his dire warnings; all the while, he was urging all to go to the safe spot. I wondered if he hoped we all had TV's in our closets, so we could continue to watch his show. I did turn on my battery-operated radio and placed it on an upper shelf. I got ready, I was set, I just didn't feel like going…

As luck(make that -God)would have it, the storm passed across the river to the west of town and kicked up strife in Indiana. It had shown itself in a rather dramatic way, and I was left with the feeling it had tossed a sardonic "See ya' later." Over it’s the shoulder of its lowest cloud.

Now it is late evening, and I have put the closet back together. I think it is time for coffee again, and this time I'll perk decaf. I made a great point to the weather today, but God graciously allowed me to live in spite of it. So I am cautiously asking myself what to do. What to do? I think I'll settle for nothing; nothing at all to do. A nice boring, dry, windless night, lovely. Ah, now I lay me...
Oh, no, I hear a low rumble. I jump up. Praying for safety,  I  jerk open the linen closet door…

I guess my point was not well taken!

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