The Sun, Sky and Spring

The late evening sun shining so brightly, as I look out my back door it is hovering at about 3:30 PM in the sky, headed west for its final daily hoorah. I notice the slight smeary glaze it cast on the window of my door; I get up and open the door now it shines through in thousands of tiny squares that the wire in my screen makes.

I have decided that the moment is more important than a Windex job just now, and so I look full on at the sun for a couple of blinks. The now lowering sun fulfilled so many promises for me today and I thank God for placing this glorious orb in His sky to warm me, to lift my spirits, to guide my earthly path, to make my flowers grow and to absolutely please my senses with its beauty.

I love the color orange emblazoned on a slab of true sky blue, the clouds are doing their job of reflecting blazing hot and soothing blue, and they are blessing me too. There is a warm breeze drifting in and out of my greening pussy willow tree and it softly curls through my screen door circles me and whispers in my ear, "Come out, and walk through me." I am tempted. The sun's rays are almost level now, the blue is deepening with the nearing of evening and the clouds are playing cover all.

I am a by-stander, an on-looker to all of this beauty and I think I will call it Spring. I also think I will become a partaker, and so lured by a wisp of the breeze, I step through my back door.


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