JourneyThrough Spring

Once again,

A journey through spring in Kentucky is as though I am in a virtual salad of greens tossed together in a bright blue bowl of the Kentucky sky. The tenderness of red buds and dogwood break the spell of many shades of green that is strewn in yielding tree tops, and begs me to view the shaggy carpet of the woods, dark with mystery of nature’s little things.

As I travel along, the stark beauty of vertical walls of stone is emphasized in the budding of life in every crack. My glances are stolen by the black green of cedars and the lighter hue of the tall pines which off set the rolling green of the hills. This is truly an ever-green day.

The air has the far-off muted fragrance of lilacs intermingled with the scent of first cut grasses, it brings a recalling of other and many springs, so welcome to my spirits.

I pass by antebellum homes, fishermen’s shacks, ranch houses and cottages that have settled along the black grosgrain ribbon of many bi-ways, they seem refreshed and aware they inhabit a spot on a lazy path across this fresh land.

As the harshness of winter disappears, the resurrected spring covers all with softness, hope and promise. The emotion that greets this has no explanation, but expands as the land greens and all nature cries out in praise for the Artist to whom it belongs. So is praise for Him drawn from my humbled heart that ever longs for His touch, which grows a renewing in my heart, just as it renews and greens this blessed Kentucky with spring.


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