Sometimes the words just won't come, I know you find that hard to believe, they are there just swirling around in my head but I just can't get them to settle down in any order. Don't you wish that sometimes you could record the interesting random thoughts that travel in a circular motion through your brain. Well here goes.

I'm thinking, Easter, chocolate Easter eggs, jonquils, green grass, chocolate bunnies, grandsons, diet, whoa lets back that one out. I have been on a diet for about 11 or 12 weeks now, a friend has also he has lost about 42 pounds, and I have lost a grand total of 6, and that slides back occasionally. A lot of my trouble has to do with visiting pork chops (don't bother asking) ganache, friends who lie about their intentions, and oh yes, frozen grapes.

I am learning to avoid wearing brown, a red heads best color, it reminds me of Hershey and Dove and Whitman's, soft centers, chewy centers and fruity centers. I prefer soft chocolate candy as opposed to hard candy although in a pinch I can put away a couple of dozen Werthers, so creamy smooth and melting goodness of caramel. Oh these whirling, swirling thoughts just like peppermint pinwheels. Enough!

My chocolate pound cake awaits in the refrigerator every time I open the door I suffer weight gain just by looking. There is a voice inside that says you really need to make an orange blossom Cake too, then there would be the dark chocolate, (ever seen chocolate that wasn't dark?) that is so good for my heart and of course the vitamin C that I would get from the fruit of the orange, also healthy, I'm thinking.

Oh I can't control these food thoughts, they are on a roll, and if I can't think of other things I'm gonna' be rolling too. Ok, I am thinking of other things now, a new snug fitting dress that I am not exchanging because I'm never going to buy that other size, of course I could get a new thingy that you wear under everything, except they don't stretch as easily as they use to. Nowadays what squeezes in at one place oozes out another. I can have a wasp waist and side saddle hips, or slim(er) thighs and a midsection that looks like I'm carrying my lunch tray horizontally under my dress, which makes for a good snacking spot, but bad swallowing, it kinda' feels like a snake downing a gopher.

Ok now my thoughts are going to be put in that gray place and I'm crawling in after them. Nighty night, my brain needs a rest and these lingering thoughts can escape now out of my ears, or into my dreams. I am out of here!


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