Life is for Living

So strange the thoughts I am having, brought on by the music I've been listening to, and events I have been living through, I think. I feel like I'm walking through tomorrow, while my eyes are still in yesterday. It is something to ponder on. I am wrestling with nostalgia for things I have yet to experienced. All the while I am feeling the desire to live my life intensely.

Though I pull myself back into today the strangeness is still here still. A change of season is in the air. There is a soft happiness in breathing now that God's promise of spring is almost fulfilled, you know, one season follows another as long as time shall endure. I breath deeply of the bluish and yellow aura of tinted  air, It is the time of turning and having a fresh start, and of re-making the old me into a more "on purpose" person, when I walk I need to dent the ground. Life is for living and knowing you have done it!

I want the reds in my life to be scarlet and the yellows, to be lemon and the blue, must be pure and deep, for I deem blue to be truth, red to be passion, yellow is all the good stuff, now  mix those three and have the complete scope of a full life. And the hand stirring these Aurora Borealis thoughts is the "Maker" of the red, yellow and the blue and of me. When I let Him do the mixing of the colors of my life they stay pure and brilliant, but when my hand does the stirring, muddy happens too often.

Time to tame these thoughts and do the next thing, which is…………I'll have to think about it!


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