Must do this~ sometime

There is something I need to do , I really need to do it in a timely manner, but I guess I’ve already blown that out of the water since I’ve been needing to do it for about three weeks.If only I would just go ahead and do it maybe, I would stop sneezing, huffing, and puffing all of the time. Then my red nose would only be caused by the reflection from the rosy glow of my (slightly fevered) cheeks.

But, I just don’t know, does it really matter in the grand scheme of life, I’ll just have to turn around and re-do it again in another three weeks or so. I was once told by a very wise woman “If you don’t move anything no one will ever know!” I agree completely. Except I just have this fidgeting habit of moving everything, and then being sorry. Move an object, say a vase, then the shinny dark circle of wood shines through and the rather pleasant matte finish I had been enjoying, no longer seems to have an “on purpose look” but a look that screams “Procrastination!”.

There is always allergy’s to blame for my lethargy for not getting the job done and in a turnaround if I would get the job done I would not have the allergies. Oh my! Choices, choices! It is not that I don’t actually dust; it is that I do it in such a way as to be not boring. When I am caught up into being creative, I have to find the cloth of the right color and texture. Then I must decide whether moving in circular motions or long swipes is best, going around all of the outside walls of furniture and working my way to the inner portions of every room, or not……well it just gets confusing. If the furniture is light colored just forget it, catch it next time!

Now Don does the most gigantic sneezes, it is frightening, I try not to complain too much 'cause I know why this may be happening, he never gives that a thought! It  is so loud and strong sometimes It blows my skin off in one room, knocks me flat on my face in another! If only he could only do something like “back sneeze”, as strong as that would be, I think he could suck up all the loose dust and clean my carpets at the same time.Afterwards he could drink a few swigs of his "killer" coffee and that would take care of it all, if you know what I mean!

Now just so you won’t think I am a terrible housewife I want you to know I am making plans to take care of it all, soon, very soon. You know March came in like a lamb, so as soon as it warms up a little more and I can open my windows and get some cross-ventilation going, it will be time for March to go out like a lion. I’m just saying………..


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