Tomorrow's Memories

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Most often tomorrow's memories are shaped by yesterday’s plans for today!

We live with the results, good or bad.

Thank God if our results are good.

Teach us to help those who did not plan well.

Many people face a day tossed out from the stream of time, a day stepped into without purpose. What was learned while living through it had nothing to do with the desire for good  memories, plans or even expectations. This,  a day when emotions are shanghaied, consequences questioned, and perhaps rough endings have the opportunity to become shaky new beginnings.

There should always be the birth of new beginnings between God‘s people, a life lived void of forgiveness is a cold existence but the actions of an understanding heart, even without knowing the "whys", causes unsolicited pangs of regret to build—in hardened hearts— and flow over into unworn ways, and truer relationships are given breath to live afresh.So still fragile in their infancy, growth with guidance is possible and love is the sustenance that feeds maturity and brings restoration.

One touched by a word of unconditional love experiences a healing balm; it helps to re-grow an ailing spirit and lifts up a life that is worn so low, to a life of self worth and self-pardon, and it peels away a self-inflected loathing. Words that are strong, but have a gentle thrust are words to rebuild a life on. Words that degrade, tear through a wounded spirit and drain hope.

Grace and Mercy are the special attributes of the Christian reconciler and they should be used often and lavishly; they can change tomorrow's memories with a touch.

Recalling ~  Luke23:34  If He could, surely we can try.


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