Everyday Blessings

Three generations

—I have been listening to the choir music we will sing this year, and it has put me in the celebrating spirit. I love the feeling that comes as Christmas draws near; it is a combination of awe, joy, excitement, and all good things. I pray that I never lose my sense of wonder and that special expectation—which in itself is a blessing for me—as I celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Master of all blessings.
—There are blessings within gentle daily pleasures that may joyfully occur—and seem so noticeable—at this time of the year, blessings of small pressures erased in the presence of love expressed. The blessings of harmony as family join, and the blend of conversation is the melody that throbs in your heart. Those blessings when flesh crushes flesh in mighty hugs. A blessing as love simply overflows and fills all the cracks or holes in your heart. For those mouth-watering blessings that are wafting out of the kitchen, give us a sense of gratitude for the cook’s talent.
—There is the family blessing thing that is hard to express, it is the feeling of “you belong to me”, “you are of me”, “we are connected”, and it can happen before you exhale the breath you have just taken. Blessings can happen in memories; I remember a young husband and wife who bring home one by one three beautiful redheaded babies to enrich their lives. Blessings can happen in a nano second when you are thrilled and flooded with love when first seeing the ultra-sound of an unborn grandchild. Blessings happen when marriage brings in one more to love, and you do so, as you have told God that you would. Then there is the time kinfolk arrive and you throw open the door and warmth beacons them inside and the welcomed in your arms is another blessing given and received.
—I Love this back and forth business of blessings, which is the greatest—getting or giving—who can say? Giving, surely as stated in the Bible is the best, but receiving God's touch through the blessing of another, is right up there with the greatest! I love (sounds much better than "really like") the fact that God allows me to pass on blessings and I love that I receive them. Knowing that God sends forth the gifting and draws back to Himself the response, I think I will let the answer to the above question stay in his purview, and I will just enjoy all!


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