REMEMBERING CAROLYN especially today

  We met as busy young wives, handling our husbands, raising our families, and needing a strong friendship. We had an instant connection, as though there had never been a time we had not known each other. I loved her like a sister, through the entangled lives we lived for many years. She was my sweet, loving and very loyal friend. She braved the world and took it on as a personal challenge. There was nothing she could not do when she put her mind to it, and very often, she dragged me along with her. She gave my life excitement; we both had a “lets do it” outlook but her daring was the stronger, mine was more “Well if you think we can…” Most often, we could and did. I was the elder she was the braver.
  We shared good times, and not so good times but most of all we laughed together. Then there was the singing, and not just of songs, but also of the way she wove melodies into life, into my life and made her permanent place in my heart. She had a drive that amazed me, the projects we would get involved in are the things that have enriched my life and made me a more versatile person than I ever thought I could be.
  I remember our last project; we took on the State of Ky. About a matter that concerned her, while she was working as a National Park Superintendent. We had been separated for years at this time by miles and life, but that sturdy cord of friendship still bound us, so when she called I answered. She wanted my drawing skills, but most of all she wanted my involvement and encouragement and she got both, I understand the outcome—of our last project—may still be pending.
  Her outcome is not pending; she is busy being her best and enjoying her eternity being about her Father’s business. I don’t believe in a lifeless heaven, I think she is more alive than ever and being kept busy; and her bright mind is even brighter and her “good” works are even better, and she is laughing and waiting with arms open wide for a time of celebrating someday with her family .
  Carolyn, I truly miss you, save a hug for me.


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