To Dream The Impossible Dre.........

Boring! “NOT"
 Oh, here she goes, retelling her dreams.” …..but, well you will see!

 I had the strangest dream the other night, really causes me to wonder about my unconscious self. I have had notable dreams in the past, some epic. Two of my family’s favorites I will recount…
Head of cabbage with drops of water on it, close-up

 We had such a lovely garden when living in the country several years ago, strewing around fairy dust could not have improved it! It was, luscious, giant sized, green everything. Especially great were the cabbages, I cooked them everyway I could think of, gave them away, left them on peoples porches after dark, I mean a huge crop, so it is no wonder that I should dream about the beautiful cabbage.
 The location of two of the very special cabbages in my dream was rather unusual; actually, they were my hips. They were causing me to walk around in our garden not completely clothed because I could not get my jeans up over all of those two fluffy, healthy bright green cabbages, which made up my backside. The scalloped leaves were hanging over the edge of my jeans and I just could not get them tucked in. So, I walked in my garden looking over my shoulder watching my cabbages bob along behind (ha) me!

Snail against white background, close-up

 The other dream had to do with a frisky slug and a poppa and daughter snail, this is going to be hard to put in words. All three were in my bathroom sink, and they were fighting and they had these piercing little screams. Daughter snail wanted to date Mr. Slug and Poppa was having none of it, he finally killed the slug as I stood watching the performance, he stabbed him to death with his little snail horn, and then dragged his daughter out of my sink, leaving me to clean up the slug mess that Mr. had left behind him! This dream woke me up laughing.

 Other people’s dreams are so boring, I know this, but just one more please, a new one and this one gave me a strange feeling. As you can tell by my previous two dreams, that I dream in color and I hear sounds and I experience humor and other emotions. And then there is this.........
Birdcatcher with small

 The other night I had a simple little dream about two beautiful yellow birds, nearly the size of tree sparrows. The birds lived in my house in a cage made out of grapevine and straw. For some reason, there was an air hole in the top of the twiggy cage and one yellow bird escaped into my house. I really did not have time to look for this bird, but I glanced around a little without finding it. In my dream, time went on, and I came upon the bird hopping around on my bedroom floor, I picked up the bird and this is where it gets strange, I felt it, it was warm, I could feel the gentle thu-thud of its heartbeat and the soft feathers tickled my fingers. I put the bird away, thinking—while yet asleep—something was out of whack. I oddly realized that I had felt the birds little body struggling in my grasp. I awoke the next morning I could still feel the little yellow bird fluttering in my hands. This is the first time I have dreamed the sense of touch. I wonder is this rare, or do all of you dream in this manner and I am just catching up?

 If sleep time taste buds would only kick in maybe, I could satisfy them and eat less during my waking hours.

 If anyone has psychology book of dreams I would like to study some of mine.

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