Open old book, studio shot

   Just a few thoughts about the book my life has written in this past year. My pages were turned one at a time just like yours; each a story within a story; each with its own history and effect on my future, and each "present" day was lived through with my choices.

   There is an author—the divine hand—that wrote the script but He gave me free reign to edit each line, to punctuate correctly or not; when I ask for guidance it was there, page after page, chapter after chapter. When I heeded His advice, the pages turned smoothly and what was written made sense. There are those other pages, the ones with crinkles, crumbs and smears and it appears that I was not fully aware of what I was recording as I lived and breathed, thumbed through and skipped over those pages.

   I like the earmarked pages, those contain events that I want to—must—remember. They are to be mulled over—memorized—but will never be re-lived in just that special way.

   Each page was one of choice, one of opportunity, and one day in my life. I am ready now to close this book and put it up for safe keeping, will I place it high on a open shelf or in a dark corner of my closet, it is over, it’s done; some pages I would gladly display others I would like to stick together so they could never be read again.

   Now I am grabbing for a new book, life in hand, praying for guidance, waiting for the word…………go!


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