Shopping Trip

Frantic Shopping Day

Christmas baubles among presents underneath Christmas tree

Today was the beginning of the end of my Christmas shopping. So very close, but not quiet done!

My daughter, granddaughter and I went to Evansville In., our yearly excursion to the CITY! We met our goal and surpassed it. We worked the mall to the ninth degree. We listed out stores and visited them twice.We found out who was naughty and who was nice, actually today they all were nice. We were pleasantly surprised all the “Merry Christmas!” on signs and lips, and even in the air.

We had lunch in the mall; we made a joint decision to have junk food instead of a healthy—or not—meal. So, we indulged in big fat hot almond pretzels with caramel for dipping, delightful! We shopped those calories off while doing high speed and flatfooted walking. Our packages toned our muscles while we bent and flexed our arms; by digging for coins, bills and credit card we exercised our fingers and hands.

Several miles later, we felt as though we had completed mall duty
— On to the satellite stores we went.

We needed a hard break, so we headed for stores at the opposite ends of the strip, the drive giving us “sit” time. In our favorite bookstore we had the coffee we all were desperately needing, so we enjoyed just a little more sit time.

The end of our shopping time had arrived and we hit the highway in a lovely after-glow! Upon reaching our town, we had a couple more shops to make, we slowly eased into stopping, rather than coming to a dead halt. So store by store we made our way home.

My day is not over as of yet, only the shopping part; that was so satisfying! Now on to my S. S. Class Christmas party. I love this season—not the weather, the season! Today the weather did turned warmer just for me; I rejoice!

The perfect ending to a great day has yet to come. Tonight I will enjoy gourmet food, take part in dignified fun—NOT—and spend time making memories. The rush of exciting shopping balanced with a time of pure joy shared with friends, what a day!


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