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Dentistry in 17th

It Must Be the Season:
I cannot believe it! I have a loose tooth, at 72 years old I have a loose incisor! No, it is not a baby tooth--it is not a wisdom tooth either--in fact I still have one of those that has yet to push through my ancient gum ; I think that means I still have maybe a little bit more to learn, possibly. This loose tooth and the very expensive crown that sits upon it,is the first one past my left front tooth. To make matters worse the tooth next to the loose one, a canine, is connected to a partial plate, if the loose one goes, the fake one goes with it.
Talk about a Gap and I do not mean the pleasant shopping place! I mean just imagine Christmas with these teeth missing, “All I want for ♫Christmas is…♪♪♫……” that would get old very quickly, although I could whistle rather well for Dasher, Prancer, Donner and the other guys. I can hear my grandchildren--who live in another state--introducing me at their Christmas service, “This is my Meme, she’s from KY, grin for them Meme!” Woe is me. If this tooth leaves me before I can get it tended to Iwill be in ugly double trouble, and may go into hiding. Perhaps the tooth fairy will leave enough to pay the dentist bill but I don’t count on it!
Just think of what missing teeth will mean to my sleep-apnea and my c-pap nose cushion--cushion, yeah right--I’ll be sounding like the noon whistle on Fridays, and that will kick Don’s snoring in and there we go “duet-ing” right through the night, thank heavens for new rattle proof windows. I don’t think of myself as a vain person but good-grief no way will I be going out in public knowing I breathe with my mouth open half of the time. By the way have you priced a porcelain tooth lately or a new porcelain toilet, they are just about the same price and one tooth doesn‘t even move my kitchen scales a bit!
But the “craftsmanship” you say and the necessity of it working well and a fitting correctl--well isn‘t the porcelain pot just as important, it certainly needs to work and fit correctly to take care of what the tooth chewed? I say the dentist need to check the weight of the tooth and compare to the weight of the potty--both being porcelain--and fix their prices accordingly!
So my prayer is this: Let me get a good, quick and cheap answer from the dentist or please do not let the super glue ruin my health! Amen and Amen!


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