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Detail view of the bow wrapping a Christmas present

As I sit here, I look at the blank screen and think if I post anything, it will be above the Redeemer story on my bog. I have been reluctant to do so, for nothing or no one can top that--This is Truth,the Son of God come to earth announced by an angel and praised by millions of them singing in the sky. Jesus, what a welcome, the greatest gift God ever gave, and then there is me, the prize. Now I do know God sent salvation to save the whole world to His self, but I tend to take things in a personal way, so again I say “Me!"the prize?
This majestic feat in sending the very Son of God as Savior, to face life and give His life on this earth, was so I may know of His provision! Wow!
As I think on these things I have decided to mention here just what Christmas, that divine act by a loving heavenly Father means to me.. Now before I start waxing poetic or expounding when simple will do, let me say it this way; it means everything to me, everything that I base my life on. The act my God committed in sending His holy and only Son to bear the consequences of all my failures, the ones of rejection, the accidental and on purpose ones, and to be my “shepherd” takes me to my knees for this is Truth.!

I took His Son by choice and He gets me in return, I recognize that He is holy and all knowing but.. “Me?” So then I ask; what else can I give to him that may have worth? Have I honored this blessed gift in any way that matters, something beyond the superficial, anything of significance any lasting good? The ego in me says "Well, maybe some.” Truth in me says, “I mean to…”

I love the things I am involved in at my church and other places, but I question, are works of mine to please me, to earn the human words of ‘Well done!” As I mull over my motives, He just continually blesses and touches me and calls me to Him. I hear the whisper “You gave me what I most desire--You--now trust that I am pleased; this is Truth.” It seems that He has to remind me of this often, though I do know it is Truth because I read it in His Word. He has put His Truth in my life in many ways.

Truth; he blessed me with a husband who loves in spite of and because of who I am. Along out path He has allowed us to share, among many things, humor, as a blessing and relief; and He has given to us the most incredible family! Once as a child, I heard some “wise man” say that “love will multiply not divide” and I know that is Truth; as each new person comes into our family by birth or choice they are loved into us.

Truth; my church is a place of worship, of refuge, of release, within it’s walls my heart is touched, my soul renewed and refreshed, and I find love and I love in return and this I can take into my other world.

Truth; there is this place deep within me where prayer lives, often I speak and God listens and when I need it most He speaks and I listen. It’s a place where only God and I know and only God and I go, it is the place where I am truly who I am, Sometime I feel as though its location is the basement, or the attic, maybe roof tops and often we’re soaring above the clouds. Wherever it may be, we are together and I do know at these times that freely and well loved am I! By worldly standards, I am no prize, but His word says I have a worth, which brings God glory, it is another of His mysteries.

So what can I give in return for holy love and the divine act that Christmas brought? To receive the salvation of Jesus, I gave me at the beginning point and now I give what generates daily. I give that which is new- born and which is being re-born continually in me, a heart of gratitude. The word Gratitude, so simple sounding, hardly expressing the depth of its’ meaning , but a word born upon layer upon layer of love, devotion, trust, provision, touching, filling, fulfilling, need and answer. Gratitude depends upon the actions of two, the giver and the receiver. My heart praises the Giver and blessed am I beyond all words, and my heart sings ♪♫ because I am the “prize” and I am a receiver. Truth!

Thank You Father,for Your Salvation born that first Christmas morning and the reminder born to me each day, in my heart, by Your touch.♥


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