DNA and then some...

There are those who have (although hesitantly) asked if my, shall we say "strong sense of humor" runs in my family. The answer is "OH yes!" The Lord used a wide paint mixing paddle when he stirred the thinking patterns into my family's DNA. My Mother's side was more stoic, but enjoyable. I think the "funniness" comes from my Dad and his ancestors. His sense of humor was so dry, with the turn of a word he would have a whole room full of people rolling with sidesplitting laughter!

Here is just a taste of how this drollness has passed down from Grandfather, to Mother to my children, and in particular in this case, my middle son. This is a note he wrote to post in his office to entice people there to purchase from the "goodies" list his daughter sent with him that day!

Hallie's Goal

As most of you know, Hallie is a competitive baton twirler. With the goal of becoming the best middle school baton twirler in the world, Hallie has decided to incorporate the ever-elusive "three baton blind twirl" into her show. To do this, we will need to surgically attach a third arm somewhere in the middle of her back. Needless to say, this is a very expensive procedure. However, we have found a surgeon on Craig's List who says he can do the surgery for about $1,000, as long as we provide the arm. To pay for the surgery Hallie is selling cookie dough or other items from the attached catalog*. Also, if you know where I can get a cheap arm please let me know.

*In the event she changes her mind about the surgery, the funds she receives will probably go to the Peadale Middle School Band. ♫
She sold oodles of cookie dough to the office staff!
Being blessed (?) with this genetic tendency has given us a great responsibility, because everyday we have to strive to keep it under control! We have had many spontaneous outburst at inappropriate times, and occasionally we work on this failing.
… such is life in my family.



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