If I was writing about someone else I suppose this would be a true expose' but since I am the culprit, then I guess it is a confession. On second thought, it is also an expose' because I've decided to include those in attendance with me on this infamous road trip!

Sorry girls (you know who you are) this is a mighty epic tale and needs to be told in full!

My granddaughter, sister and I surprised my daughter on her XXth birthday with a "girl's day out" road trip to Nashville TN. We made a couple of fantastic stops during the day, one in a little country town that has a pharmacy with a large gift shop that sells the dishes she collects. She was ecstatic. She did not know this place existed, and neither did we. My granddaughter found the store on the internet! Of course, we bought her some of the "Fiesta Ware."

Then we were on the road again to the Nashville (about a 2 and ½ hour trip) where, via some hair-raising, crime-ridden hidden inner-city streets, (due to a GPS gone wild) we found the warehouse complex that enjoys a new life as home to high-end, trendy shops and offices. Here, we made a stop at the TN. Home of the "Antique Archeology" owned by Mike as in Frank & Mike, the stars of the History Channel show "The Pickers."We had scored again. Daughter was thrilled, and we wiled away a bit of time here. We then walked down the street to a very neat art gallery.

Hang on for just a bit more, I will get to the expose'/confession in due time.

It was time for lunch, so we visited the Macaroni Grill and feasted.

It was now family time, and we headed to another suburban town nearby where my sister's son's family lives. As an aside; first, we visited him at his office. He runs "The Hands and Feet Project." They have two orphanages in Haiti and hope in just a couple of more years to be raising one thousand children. They are not an adoption agency; the children live there until they are grown and are raised in a Christian lifestyle away from voodoo influence. The HAF Project was started by the former Christian rock band "Audio Adrenalin," that was my nephew's band and he was the lead singer. We went on to visit with his wife and the two children they have adopted from Haiti. The little girl's birth was featured on "The Crystal Cathedral," I will tell that story another time. 
 We had time for one more "birthday thing" before returning home, (here it comes) we chose to visit "Loveless Café" it's located on the Natchez Trace Parkway. If you get on the Trace from the Nashville end get off at the first or second exit and take a right on to highway 100, look down the road to your left, and you can see it!

So, it was only about three hours, since we had lunch, but you cannot be near the Café and not eat there. It is very famous in these parts and has been featured on some of those cooking television shows. Carol Fay Ellison, the Loveless Cafe's beloved "Biscuit Lady," who has made the biscuits for Loveless for over thirty years died last year, but her legendary biscuits live on, and we knew it.


We hit the door two abreast and took a table near a window in the thirty's style farmhouse, gave our order and grabbed our napkins. When our order was delivered a fellow sitting in the corner came over to our table and said ,"I'm gonna' be watching you, I don't believe you can do it."

The four of us had ordered a basket of biscuits (14 golden, delicious, fluffy goodness) a bowl of butter, molasses, strawberry, blackberry & peach preserves, and four pieces of pie. We're not talking puny biscuits, but sky high ones, fit for mountain climbers. Ah yes, we scaled those heights, and then it was tine for dessert. Three of us chose different pies, (all homemade), and the granddaughter had banana pudding. I had key lime pie. My sister, coconut and daughter had chocolate chip pecan. The curious fellow sauntered over on his way out and stated, "I can't believe it! Where in the world did you put it?" "Where it belongs!" we answered in chorus.

A memorable birthday celebration was had by all. I know confession is good for the soul, but biscuits are good for the stomach. I fear I am still carrying the effects of the awesome gorging. It has been over a week now, and I haven’t stepped on the scales and I won't as long as this "gut guilt" bothers me.

Carol Fay's biscuit recipe remains a secret, but here is the recipe I used to try to duplicate (I got close, maybe.)

2 cups self-rising Flour
Salt-a half pinch
¾ cup buttermilk (I use milk with 1/2 TB. vinegar in it)
½ tea. spoon baking soda mixed in the buttermilk
¼ cup lard (yes LARD, animal fat!)
In 57 years of marriage, this is the first time I have ever used lard (city girl)
I am now sold on it!

Mix all together, kneed the dough about ten times roll out, leave rather thick. This should make about 6 or seven biscuits if not rolled too thin.
Bake 415-425 according to your oven's hotness(?)
~Bless it...Amen!
~Slather with butter (real) take time to chew.

Forgive yourself ahead of time!


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