Oh my goodness, talk about getting started! This occured last March (and sad to say continues)I guess if I truly wanted to change and start this certain project with enthusiasm I would pray it through.
(a re-post)

There is something I need to do, and I need to do it in a timely manner. I guess I’ve already blown that out of the water since I’ve needed to do it for about three weeks. If I would go ahead and do it maybe I would stop sneezing, huffing, and puffing all the time. Then the throbbing red of my nose would be caused only by the reflection from the rosy glow of my slightly "spring" fevered cheeks. I don’t know, does doing it really matter in the grand scheme of life? I’ll just have to turn around and re-do it again in another three weeks or so.

A very wise woman once told me, “If you don’t move anything no one will ever know”! I agree completely, but I have this habit of fidgeting and moving everything and being sorry that I did. I move an object, a vase, and then the shiny dark circle of wood gleams through brightly. The rather pleasant matte finish I have been enjoying, no longer has a “purposeful" look but one that screams “Procrastination!”.

I blame my allergies for the lethargy and lackadaisicalness in my job performance. I know if I performed my job in a timely fashion I would not have to experience these sickening allergies. Oh my! Choices, choices! In truth, I do DUST occasionally, it just takes so much oomph to get me going. In a creative way, I try to make this chore bearable by choosing a cloth of pleasing texture and color. Taken into account also must be the manner in which I move the invading presence around. Do I use long sweeping or small circular hand motions ? Should I go around all of the outside walls of furniture and work my way to the inner portions of every room, or not… it gets confusing. If the furniture is light-colored I just forget it, I'll catch it next time!

My hubby executes gigantic sneezes, it is frightening. I try not to complain too much 'cause I know why this may be happening. He never gives "that" a thought, although...

he does seem to enjoy watching me flinch, hummm! His sneezes are so thunderous and powerful. It feels as if they could blow my skin off if I am in one room, and knock me flat on my face if I'm in another! If he could only do something like “back sneeze”, as strong as that would be, I think he could suck up all the loose dust and clean my carpets at the same time. Afterward he could drink a few swigs of his "killer" coffee, and that would take care of it all, if you know what I mean!

So you won’t think I am a terrible housekeeper; I want you to know I am making plans to take care of it all, soon, very soon. March came in like a lamb; so when it warms up a little more, and I can open my windows and get a good stiff cross-ventilation going it will be time for March to go out like a lion. Let it blow, I’m just saying………!

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