Living Water

I awaken thirsty.
One of the first things I do early in the mornings is to head to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. (it is made of water you know), and is a gift because my husband makes it for me and some time he even brings it to me before I am up. It is not just a ordinary good deed for him to perform, he knows he delights me and gives me a boost to start my day.

With my physical need of water for hydration slaked I am ready for spiritual water, and it waits for me as a living stream flowing through the ancient words of Holy Scripture. I drink deeply but my thirst is not quenched, I long for more, so I dive in and swim toward the source of this bounding liquid life that flows without banks to hold it in. The "Living Water" satisfies me so, yet I always have the need for more and more.

The "Living Water" is in my system for I have taken it in and it has settled in my heart. It is the essence of my world, for I trust it to hold me up, often I am active in this water and some times I just float. Jesus meets my need in the current and at the same time He controls the waves and the storms that come upon the water.

Jesus, (He is like water you know, life sustaining) is God's gift to me, I specially need Him early in the mornings and He knows He delights me and gives me a boost to start my day.

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