Let's Visit

Bless me with the same heart of devotion as Samuel: "He answered, 'Speak for Your servant hears'." Wrap it please, in the praise of a Psalm: "I delight to do Your will oh God"
Verses found in 1st. Samuel 3:10 and in Psalm 40:8 of Holy Scriptures.

The snow is falling at an erratic pace I notice as I glance out of my window pane. High up in my small decorative willow tree two KY. Cardinals are frolicking, feathers puffed, as they search for tiny treats on barren limbs; the limbs look like bony fingers reaching up to mighty God in welcome of the warmth of a winter coat to wear.

This morning the sky is a matte steel blue and looks as though God swiped it with one giant sable brush; it is smooth, no single cloud is making itself known. It is a solid canvas of winter. The only color that grows in my back yard is the cheery red cheeks of the holly berries; they stand out in relief against the dark prickly foliage, to which they cling.

I offer this frozen day back to my heavenly Father knowing that I am stuck in the house, and I will be cozy and warm, and my kitchen will emit mouth-watering aromas.In this weather I snuggle, I cook, I eat and then the cycle repeats itself. How do I honor Him on a self-indulgent day such as this?

My Bible study and devotion time was "up-close and personal" this morning. After a night of disturbing dreams, God focused my thoughts in a certain direction and I dove deeply into a time of prayer. In His turn, the Holy Spirit fed me "morning strength" as I thumbed the pages of the ancient "Holy Word". As usual, I was amazed how His word truly lives and injects itself into my life when I allow it to do so.

Could I set aside this time, this day in my life to spend in refreshing my understanding of the relationship I share with my Redeemer? With a secluded snowy day on hand,shall I just relish His love poured out for me and on me and could this be a time of warm pure devotion? As I dwell on His faithfulness, the foundation that sustains me, His forgiveness, which covers me like a blanket of falling snow; I will celebrate Him. I will also celebrate His forgetfulness of my yesterdays and His blessing of a new day.

We are snow-bound together and my invitation to an intervention has been accepted. Welcome, Lord Jesus, I love you, and I am listening.

Let's visit.

Call me, Father to a constant devotion by Your will.


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