Fixing My Eyes:

How do I get that fix, to be where I can see, to stare at the "Son"; I go to His holy word, my Bible and I go early to start my day with my physical eyes getting settled on Him and the eyes of my heart fixed on Him.

This is the where and the when, (God provides the how) I fix my eyes on Jesus: In the spring and summer I get comfortable in my deck swing with a cup of coffee, a pencil and my reading glasses and once it is full light and the birds have started their background music I'm off on my journey. I read my Bible, listen, and wait for that special light that really opens my eyes and causes me to see and pay attention. In the colder seasons my cozy chair and an afghan and house socks are added to the deal; sometimes I start my day with His word before I leave my bed and the three stacked pillows, my husband brings my coffee cup and I quietly get lost in His Word, waiting special revelation that speaks to me. I keep the Lord in my sights and then He is with me all of my days and nights.

Looking back into time when I was a young Christian, I don’t remember often contemplating this fact, but I do know that I have always been drawn to God's written word. It took years to sink in that this is not only inspired and interesting history in the Old Testament and "The Way" of salvation in the New, but also it is my guide full of promises to benefit me through all of my life. If I am atuned to the Lord it speaks to me personally and I don't want to miss a word.

I have found the term "Keeping my eyes fixed on Jesus", physically (as in His word) and spiritually (as in my heart)to be daily quest for me. Physically and spiritually and it makes me whole!


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