So from meandering dream of questions and answers in an unknown universe that I visited due to potent allergy pills, I awakened happy to be in this familiar world and I was filled with a contentment and assurance that, yes, a Godly eternal thing had been done for me.

If this dream were true, and as in it, I had been born into a different world, maybe in a garden, and if all of those around, excluding me, were already believers and they all knew You personally, and if I could have seen the worship in their faces, heard the praise from their lips and could have known when they were experiencing You in their prayers, would this alone have changed me, would this be enough for grace? Had I known that all other souls in this whole world been welcome in the presence of the most holy God, due to saving faith they entrusted to You, Lord Jesus, and they constantly experienced Your unfathomable love, would this borrowed  knowledge lend me mercy?

Even deep in my Rem sleep I knew; I needed more, I needed You, Your touch on my life, Your call in my heart and if I was the only unbeliever on this earth, the one and only "lost one", I knew You
  still would have come for me.

Lord, You would have made that journey, lowered Yourself into this world, this temporary place, You would have searched and found me, You would have wooed me, drawn my spirit to Your spirit, You would have offered me the gift of Your salvation, and held out heaven in Your hand. For me, You would be the shepherd, and You would be the lamb.

You would have drank from a bitter cup, Your human heart would have faced despair, and Your feet would have felt the pull of that upward incline as You reached the summit, there You would have poured yourself out for me. And in the dark time when You, my Lord, gave Your all, the earth quaked, because of Your love for me. Oh yes, You would have come.

But I was born into this world, the garden long gone or just a dream, and all around me were those with searching hearts and blinded eyes stumbling over the very gift of God. Yet You came for those, and You came for me.

Lord Jesus I thank You, for that moment in time when I turned and You were there, and I knew that You were mine. I gladly share You with all of Your children, but You know and I know that there is this special "thing", this cord of love that binds us as nothing else can. It is a true and personal love that I have for You, and imperfect as I am, You have that holy, unfathomable, Godly love even for me.


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