A heart for Gratitude

A heart for Gratitude

I thought I would be the first to say good morning, it is still deep in the belly of the night a little after 3:00am and I am awake. I took off my c-pap mask to better breathe the allergy filled air, this air is also filled with the presence of those I love. It is one of those strange times when God allows His being to draw me into His time and dimension and the Love I have for Him covers the love I have for the ones given to me, friends and family, and all of this seems so tightly tied together as though to melded into one, and it is happening here in my darkened room. For this I am deeply grateful.

The early atmosphere seems especially thick with His presence and I give praise……for His love for me, my love for Him and the love that moves in my heart for others. This love fest follows a day of indescribable and unashamed worship, and a time of being with family. What a blessing, my physical body can hardly bear it, my spirit loves it, this is joy. What A way to start this new week, in total gratitude!


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