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Earlier in the evening I took a quick nap on the sofa, getting in a relaxed mood for the evening to come, as I slept the light dreaming I experienced  seemed filled with the things I love; sound, music,beauty and color.God was present and He blended these things in the most intricate way to bless me and give me the realization of the many ways He can speak. If I listen, if I look He is there.

So now I am awake deep in the night.

Its midnight and I doodle my words…………… This middle of the night musings can be a good thing for the most part, though it often seems to draw me to the "tucked away" past, to a place where memories stir and are breathed into resurrection. Here my memories are born of color, sound, and emotions, all three mixed and blended to create a solid thing, time.

  A dull brown with a monotone blaring horn is the background for the—not so good—sad times, then shimmering tropical hues and the high-toned strings of the violin recall the exciting days. Smoky purple-gray with nimble fingers teasing the scale on an alto sax draw me into—long gone—bluesy lazy eras; and pure sky blue with every bird voicing their song, has always stood for the best of times. Blood red and boogie-woogie on an upright player piano brings to remembrance the daring and brave occasions. All memories should be re-lived with accents.

  Having lived a stretched long and stuffed full life at seventy-three years, I have captured from time, many of my memories, causing my thoughts to be crammed with rainbows and Picasso, bringing the zest of life; din and melodies, giving the rhythm of life; the stage props and instruments, setting the mood of life.

  I find that memories can overwhelm or influence life in the “here and now”; I have found too that “choice” determines the outcome, so thank you my Lord for choices, and I choose melodies, blue skies and player pianos!


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