B's a Buzzin'
Get real candy heart


At times I feel the need for a tour of my heart.
So I unlock the door to look inside,
and what a shock !

I see broken pieces, shards of love,
unfulfilled desires, and dreams all broken.
I pass by “Godly deeds”
They’re just a token.

Promises abound, bent and distorted.
All of this hiding in here?
I need to leave this place,
I thought it was a holy space.

Yet steadily burning, tho’ just a “flicker” is a warmth
That ever draws me near, the center of my being, the core so dear,
The God of my life, is alive in me. Your spirit reign ore’ this unruly heart
I plea.

So He gives me a broom and WE sweep this room!
Now the ember is a burning flame and I am ready to leave, but not as I came.
I hand Him the key to keep for me, and as we touch my heart is made free!
Lord, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

I know I may face this task again, but never without the help of my Friend, the One who loves me as no other.

He died for me……. I clean for Him.

It works!


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