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     JACMEL HAITI ~ before

   This is a—on your knees, face in pillow—need for prayer. The earth quake that smashed Haiti yesterday personally effected me, and I ask for your on-going prayers for the people of Haiti. Members of my family are in Haiti. My bro-in-law Drex Stuart with my sister Jo run the ‘Hands and Feet Project” in Jacmel a picturesque city of about 40,000 located almost directly below Port Au Prince on the southern coast of the Caribbean. My nephew Mark Stuart and his wife are there also, they arrived last week for a visit plus business trip to the Mission, which his band Audio Adrenalin formed in 2004. It houses orphans who will grow up there, they are not an adoption agency; Hands and Feet Project, the children's village exists to care for orphans and abandoned children of Haiti with the love of Christ. The children range from two months to nine years old. God blessed and they are all safe tonight.

   In Jacmel schools are down, the hospital is down, the hotels are down, many homes of people are down and all are down on top of people. One of the HAF nannies was in a school building, she was near a door when the building started to fall she ran out, many classmates did not make it, she saw them perish. Niece Aegis was looking at the mountian behind the compound and saw it slpit. The HAF compound is still standing it was very well built with all the steel it needed, most buildings there are not well built. It does have some cracking so they all will be sleeping outside again tonight due to aftershocks.They have some food and water, enough for several days.

   Pray the help will come for the people of Jacmel quickly,mulititudes are injured and dying and nothing can be done for many. The workers at HAF want to get in the fray and help any way they can, space and food and water can go only so far. Main roads out are destroyed and the city is stranded, air port is closed at this time. Until the time help can arrive either by air or sea pray for peace and calmness for chaos to settle down and lawfulness to be on the people. Pray for protection and health and personal safety for my family and the children under their care. Pray for their wisdom and decisions and pray that they can keep getting messages out via the internet. They have been thanking God for their lives and asking Him to use this horrific time to enlarge His kingdom in Haiti using their Hands and Feet.

 Thank you

Hands and Feet Project: http://hafproject.org


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