The Winter of MY (a cautionary true life tale)

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Size:  3.5 KB Discontent, certainly that would name it, perhaps in a shallow way. A restless winter, for sure! Couch lust season? No, months of couch disgust! Never thought I would say it. My place of solace, comfort, stress reliever, so many good things it is. But the last two months it has proven to be a rust-red, dark green, western motif prison.

Following our Dr.’s advice of course, we took the flu shot in the fall for precaution as most seniors do now-a-days. All was well until the first week in January 2013 (I’ve mentioned this before, but to think I would be living in this year seemed like science fiction to me as a child). That is when my husband came down with the flu symptoms and all that indicates. I nursed him back to good health in about four or five days, ladies you understand what all this implies; men do sickness to perfection! It was a slight case of the flu but an epic traumatic time for him.

As he healed that week-end, I began to have some strange goings on myself. Constant running nose, cough, sore throat, struggled, but I bravely carried on until three days later the fever began; that is when my sofa, my close friend became even closer. This wasn’t a stay in bed occasion, because of the flu shot I’m sure, but a couch hugging one. It drug on; no one came in our house. It was just me my hubby, and Fox news.

Just as I was beginning to feel resentful I had a couple of good days. Two days without fever so I went out; carried on my business, and oh, surprise the whole thing came back, and it was “couch time” again. The details, ugh…! This went on for another week, fever, no fever, pure yuck, But I must say no racking body aches, due again to the fore mentioned shot (please, do take it)!

At the end of about two and a half weeks I felt well again, so off to the food pantry I went to do my duty, while there I began to have strange inklings that something was amiss! By the time I got home the second phase had started, and the virus that has followed this flu in so many cases had found me.

Down on the couch again, this took another week to run its course amid pity parties, crying jags, a little temper, and lots of running; my lower half rocked and later my top half rolled! On it went! I had every same symptom my husband had, his lasting a day or two at a time, whereas mine went on for eons! I saw the Dr. twice, along with phone calls and several prescriptions. During it all; my couch was faithful, ‘though it insidiously seemed  to draw me there and hold me as its grip tightened!

Three weeks dragged to an end, and a few days into the fourth week all of my maladies turned me loose. I was free. Thank you Lord for answered prayer, I really never doubted you.

By now, it is February, a new month, a new outlook!

The second night after my recovery my husband went to get something in the dark house and forgot there were three steps (we have two steps in another place) so he missed the bottom, and down, he went hitting the wall, and door way knocking a china plate to its death! He was ok, just surprised his head wasn’t bleeding (trying to distract me from the plate) back to bed we went; all was well.

As I have mentioned several times before, “I know we have become one!” God meant it to be that way, so we have, almost literally. Three nights later, in the dark, I went down the same three steps thinking they were only two, and you guessed it! The next morning I was to have a biopsy on a spot previously found on my left leg, so I, with hubby’s help, hobbled to the Dr.’s office for that visit, and then hobbled into the clinic next door for an x-ray on the right foot; it was twisted, back to the couch for two more days. Arrrg…

The foot finally healed so I could safely walk on it without the walker, but to this day, it still hurts. Sometime I am gimpy and grumpy, but I am trying. 
Had a few good days, family visited for two of them and life was getting normal. Celebrated my 76th birthday, felt no older than my mind says I am, but that shall remain a secret!

Then, came Monday of this week and back for outpatient surgery I go, yes it was a squamous-cell cancer, not to fret they seldom spread, and the Dr. said it looked clean underneath, more testing to make sure. I don’t get concerned over such things; I just worry “with” them from the reclining position on my couch, of course. Now this leg is up again for two or so more days!

And here I am propped up in my bed, haven’t made it to the couch yet, spilling my guts to a captive audience, or maybe not! The original dressing gets to come off after a while, and my husband will clean and re-bandage it for me; I will milk it for all it’s worth (just being truthful) and be waited on hands and foot until I get tired of it, and then back to my sofa I will go. Our relationship shall continue, “prison, a prisoner” for a day or two more, then, one way or another, I’m breaking out!

In all of this, I thank God for my patient forbearing husband, the helper that he is, and that he still loves me through it all, and thanks to our daughter our encourager and cheerleader who returned after the contagion settled. I thank God for the ending of THIS winter, which will soon be drawing near, although there is an ice storm due tonight. I should not forget Kroger in my thanksgiving; the roasted chicken, and all of their other pre-made goodies!

Looking forward to the day my sofa will once again be my friend, and I will be free to sit or stand elsewhere if I choose!

So, what would you call my winter? Oh well…I shall be of good cheer!

Spring is coming! God is good!

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  1. God is good, ALL the time! Praying that your sofa is soon your friend!


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