Flying High?

Picture: Some where in USA! I'm sure

It is very late, and I am home again. What an exciting trip, uhmm, I think it was; my first ever airplane flight was a success for my sister, daughter and granddaughter due to the fact I slept through it; I did wake up two or three times for a minute or so, and was quite happy, yes quite happy. My phobia concerning height had not─for the very first time ever─kicked in!

I behaved well and caused no embarrassment to the girls, though I was so to speak rather “loopy!” It wasn’t due to having an interesting experiment with something liquid in a glass, but to a quick- acting tranquilizer, if you are in need or intensely interested, I will send you a personal note and give you the brand and dosage! Sorry! Just kidding you will have to check with your own Doctor, just as I did.

Speaking of my Doctor, he really didn’t get it! I had been to him earlier for regular check-up, and ask about this medical precaution (due to never having flown before and truly didn’t─ in this life─ mean to. I have always been totally terrified of even the thought of getting in a heavy-metal thing that swallows you up, throws you in the sky, and doesn’t even wait for you to get your breath! After all of these years of burning rubber on the ground, it was either fly, or be sorry, because the girls were going to sunny California, with or without me!)

So, he, my Doctor, did give me a prescription for my calmness and the girl’s peace of mind. That was in March, I wanted to be well prepared, and so I was until one late spring day I looked at the size of the dose. I knew just enough about pharmaceuticals to realize this was the lowest dose there was, and I wouldn’t even day-dream with it! I had taken this particular calming potion after heart surgery in lieu of pain meds. I knew what it could do, and I wanted it done!

I took my sore foot back to the Doctor with the secondary task of getting the pills size enlarged. I cautiously brought up the subject, and asked if I could just take two, even though he knew my reasoning he looked started and said “You’re gonna’ miss the whole thing!” Oh brother! “Why yeah!” he shook his head at my cowardliness and gave his permission.

We made our (way ahead of time) preparations with the counter girl at our tiny local airport. I have a little problem walking any distance with grace and the correct rhythm, or getting anywhere in a timely manner while a foot. Before I knew it a wheel-chair had been ordered and while somewhat humiliated I was thankful that no security person would have to take the lost Mommy to her weary or oblivious (in vacation fever) daughter who most likely would be standing in a Starbucks line. So I was on my mark, get set and ready to…I think I'm really gonna' do it!

It was the fastest six months I have ever lived; in January, we made our plans, June seemed light-years away, but I blinked, and there it was, the day! When I need to be someone I am not, I step into a wooden persona and close the door, my way of keeping a stiff upper lip.Suddenly, my wooden self was in the car with my husband driving and the girls giddy in the back-seat! It was time for the show, would I really do it? Money had been paid, promises made, and one of them wasn’t too nice. My daughter vowed that if she had to drive from the coast to Kentucky for three days to get me home, that I would wish I had sprouted my own wings! She smiled when she said it but…

I had taken a pill in the first waiting area and in fifteen minutes I was feeling rather brave. I said my good-byes to hubby and it was time to go through the check in line, and metal detector. I was told to “even” take off my shoes, then the same guy told the people behind me that if they were 75 or over, they didn’t have to, well, being as I am 75 that elevated me a bit already, and I hadn’t even boarded. I thought “This flying may be ok.”

We sat in the secure waiting room awhile and my eyes began to dance a little, but I was very calm. Soon we were in the plane buckled in and ready to start this grand adventure; we took a vote and decided it was time to take pill #two! I did, and I do remember the plane picking up speed, but that was all. I had the loveliest sleep; I don’t think I even drooled. I awoke long enough to snap a couple of cloud filled pictures from the window, felt calm, felt great, snoozed again through a couple of states.

At some point, we were down and the rest is history!

I could tell you all about this fabulous trip to southern California, the sights, smells, and sounds, but you would be substituting your own vacation pictures in your mind, and I wouldn’t want to mess up your memories because mine were so exceptional! Sorry.

Just take the long tale above and reverse it (with an over-night in Vegas, now that one I may tell about one day!) and I arrived at home in one piece and not addicted to any meds., but feeling secure in the reality that they are there if ever I should be pressed into this sky madness again.

However, you know I rather enjoyed it; I think I did, I’m not sure, but I certainly rested well!


For a serious moment; here is the true source of my safety:
Psalm 91:14
"If you'll hold on to me for dear life," says God, "I'll get you out of any trouble. I'll give you the best of care if you'll only get to know and trust me. Call me and I'll answer, be at your side in bad times I'll rescue you, then throw you a party. I'll give you a long life; give you a long drink of salvation!"
The Message (MSG)
(Oh! Yes!)


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