For those cooks who are intimated by cooking such a large sized piece of hog!
First admit and face it; pig, hog, pork, swine, or anything you want to call it, or  bacon, chops, roast, ribs and any other portion (except the tail, ears, tongue, and perhaps the “oink”) is one drooling “tummy filling” taste treat!
It is best, if you have ever seen a hog in its natural state (living its lifestyle) you may want to keep your mind in neutral while eating this white (pink) meat delicacy! 

1.        Heat oven 325⁰
2.        Remove wrapping, place in pan with sides, line with foil.
3.        Score fatty side in diamond pattern.
4.        Melt honey (1/4 cup depending on size of ham) pour over ham, top and sides.
5.        Smear on Apricot preserves or Orange marmalade. Honey holds it in place.
6.       Stud the diamond scores with whole cloves.
7.       If ham darkens too quickly, or too much toward end of cooking time cover with a foil   tent.
8.       Bake uncovered 10/15 min. per lb. or until internal temp reaches 150⁰.
 (A few years back I invested in a meat thermometer that can be inserted at the start of the cooking    and is easy to read during the baking time, best cooking tool I ever purchased. Takes the guessing   away)
9.       Cool. If serving at a later date wrap with foil to keep moist. Slice and eat!
10.   ENJOY! Happy Easter


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