Sorry,It is all about me; and memories

Sleepless nights I make list for the ones I love. The trouble with making a list of "ten" things to pass on to the ones I love is that I have a hard time getting past the first one, it seems to encompass all other ideas I have. It is composed of memories; memories that I am making for and with my family and friends.

   I want them to remember :
 1.  Jesus loves them even more than I.
 2.  The prayers I pray for them will last long after I have traveled on and am "living the heavenly life".
 3.  I love each of them, and miraculously each of them can completely fill my heat at any given time.
 4.  I love each member who has been added to my family, as I promised God, I know that was a God-led decision.
 5.  I love each moment of this earth's time they choose to share with me.
 6.  I love the fact we draw strength from each other during the natural sorrows endured in this earthly life.
 7.  I love the fact that we are at complete ease with each other.
 8.  I love the memories they have made for me.
 9.  I love that they allow my opinions and sometime they act on them.
10. I love the fact they pray for me.
Now I can sleep well!
I know that I use the word" love"  many times when it should be like, but" like" just doesn't seem to get it!
Happy New year make Godly memories!