A Fainting Goat or a Leaping Lamb?

A fainting goat or a leaping lamb, this is a question for serious pondering.

When I am renewed and brought fresh alive by the touch of the Master creator, when I feel that I am held in His hand, when smothered by His holy presence, I am as a "leaping lamb". I follow my Shepherd, I cling to His side, I allow Him to feed me, I desire His wisdom, His joy, and I rely on His strength, and trust Him to guide me.

Then there are those "fainting goat" times, the wimp out times, the sticking my head in the sand times, I don't enjoy this state of living, I feel helpless as though I have lost my way and I need His protective staff to guide me. As I kneel in deep need, His precious spirit ministers to my worn spirit and I recognize the stirring of the leaping lamb once again.

I have discovered while thinking through this question as in most of my life (whether physical or spiritual) the way I live is a matter of choice and with God's almighty help I choose to be a leaping lamb.

And in a God-made twist, I have been redeemed by the Lamb who is my Shepherd

(1st. Peter 1: 18-19)


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