Almost home; these words, lived in the reality of today bring such joy and a feeling of excitement; they deliver the expectation of welcome, comfort and familiarity from the place where I truly belong, a place where I am the closest to God.

After a very busy summer of traveling to known and unknown places, of passing over roads of adventure and sleeping in novel and not so novel places, visiting with family and strangers, my quest for freshness has been satiated and I am ready to settle into my own daily natural routine, and I am almost there.

For all of the action I have enjoyed, I find I have a longing for "my home time", that time when early in the mornings (without distractions) the pace of my day is set. It is the time I meet my Lord God in the pages of his holy word, and the time I allow His spirit to minister to my spirit. I am more fully focused on Him in these moments and he can lead me in the ways to pray, for more than anything, I want to see eye to eye with Him in this conscious time when we speak.

I have been asked, "Which is the most important to you", talking to God or listening to Him. I think I know the correct answer—there should be a balance—but there are those times when I just need His word poured all over me, to be drenched in it. Also, there are occasions when I need to speak but no words are uttered, when my spirit cries out and He reads and knows my heart even better than I. My gabby prayers are full of praise, and I experience His touch, as our life of love grows stronger. When humbly I express my need I experience such relief that I just lay all of my untidy thoughts at His feet, and I am at home there.

The foundation of my heavenly home and my earthly home is the same, built and sustained on the indescribable love that Jesus Christ has for me, and my faith in that saving love. That He would do for me that which I needed to do, that He faced a righteous God and took on Himself my sin, my punishment, my pay-day, this is the foundation that will be my home from now and through forever.

Refreshed by Serenity and gratitude reinforce with excitement and I am almost there, home.


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