Bubble Waiting

Have you ever felt as though you are in a bubble just waiting, gazing around,checking out your world? Time around you in the bubble is frozen, but on the outside it moves right along and you watch as it spins. The bubble causes the outside world to look a little differently, everything is elongated in a rounded sort of way, and has a rather iridescent glow, causing your eyes to gravitate to the most interesting rather than the most familiar things. How do I know, oh well, don't you know that I know most of everything that cannot be scientifically proven. This special talent is actually a Riddle trait but it has rubbed off on me via Don.

Don is the chief bubble viewer in our family and his world can look very differently on any given day in fact in any given five minutes! His gift is that he can fixate on anything, say for instance a foreign speaking TV show that is three fourths of the way finished when he tunes in. The most mundane item can take on a life of its own when reported as he sees it, from his crisis mode bubble, and everything gets rather colorful in the re-telling. Now for the waiting part, he does not do that well, in fact his bubble bursts quite frequently and often the hand that holds the pricking pin, in truth rules his world, in a nice Pied Piper sort of way!

I do not intend to be mean, I just need to keep him tuned in to facts as seen on both sides of the bubble, sometime there is a need for stark factual reality, and then he can enjoy "enhanced entertaining" reality another day and another time when he is in the waiting bubble mood. For certain, it is a mood and not a place. It is a "get-a-way" and a stress reliever—for the most part—when I am doing the waiting, but when Don is, "not so much"!

The experience of crawling inside the bubble and looking out, for Don and me, is like "Venus and Mars", "leather and lace", "facts and really, really Technicolor facts", and that's the way it goes. I love the way he keeps me updated on everything but I have learned to check his sources. His hearing aids and I have a love-hate relationship, and I am sure they play into all of this. I do know hearing correctly has a lot to do with what you're perceiving, but there are times that I think he's having an other worldly experience and is picking up the space station, "Tranquility"…………tranquility, Really?


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