How the Day Breaks

It's Monday, a new week, and my fresh start is cool and damp. Here in Kentucky on this Monday we're experiencing "Locust Winter", for those trees are in full bloom and the weather has turned on itself and become rather chilly in the slow paced rain that is sliding down. 

Ivy encircles my giant maple tree, and its loose ends, that have yet to grasp hold of the tree, are waving in the wind like that long lost schoolmate—I couldn't stand—trying to get my attention. Just in case you couldn't tell, I am making a half-hearted effort to avoid being irritable, I may just go with it, ride it out, and lament later this undisciplined —weather related—snit that I am in.

My backyard is so very green with lush vegetation and the cloud that is hovering above it is so gray and watery that it has the effect on one of being on the bottom of a river and looking up. There is no water standing in my yard but the wind is causing the uncut grass to ride its current and I feel like that all I need is a snorkel. I think Nemo just did a breaststroke through my hosta beds.

Living through the sixties when we already have had the eighties is rather disgusting, the "numbers" being temperature degrees and not the decades of years. In Kentucky, aka- Paradise, the sixties can be bone chilling when merciless, relentless rain arrives with it.
I know, I full well know, May flowers will follow, but just give me a break, a break in the clouds, please!

I have been retired for about ten years now but Mondays still have that same feel, a back to work day, to be dreaded, put off, and just tolerated. It always did and still does take sunshine, warm breezes, that tropical feel and an orange crush to make this day bearable! So, what to do, it doesn't seem as though my rainbow will be stopping by anytime soon, shall I crawl back under the covers or eat? Or……..
No contest! Wonder if Don will notice how "the cookie crumbles" if I stay on my side of the bed???

B's a Buzzin'


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