A Weighty Matter

Strawberry Milkshake With Cherry

   Today as I sit at my desk pondering the thought process and decision making abilities that God has made available to me, I’m at the same time wondering if “will power” is covered there, hidden somewhere deep within those thoughts.

   As I ponder, while staring at the blank screen of my computer, I am also eating my breakfast of fat free yogurt and a smashed banana. I’m asking why, after this delicious swill and four cups of “boot stomping” coffee that Don has brewed, is there still in the forefront, fighting for control of my mind, invading my every moment, the longing for; pecan pie, butter laden mashed potatoes, pizza with extra cheese and yes throw on the anchovies.

   Some one has said that you are what you eat, if that is so and if I could continue on this momentarily healthy eating trend, won't I become as bland as the yogurt and perhaps turn to thoughts as dark as the skin of the banana I am ingesting? Cherry ice-cream sodas, pulled pork, toasted cheese sandwich with mayo, bread and butter pickles on the side, these are the things that have made my life so delicious and tasty and enhance my personality and cause me to be happy.

   But my thoughts race on; and I’m thinking of how I have drawn from somewhere—maybe my knees—the will to eat correctly for my height and weight, for one week, and I rejoice at least for this moment in time.

   I do have one great handicap, over the years I have lost and inch or two in height and that puts me in a different weight bracket. As my height shrunk, my width stretched, and I became unevenly rounded, and I have found that “little extra something” does not keep me warmer in the winter or make a hard chair more comfortable anytime.

   So I must press on in this healthy trend , learn to desire the good foods of life even if they scratch going down, or if I forget what it taste like once it slides over my tongue. My desire for grease must cease! Shall I eat five-grain bread, no, bread with only five grains in it, count on!

   With that certain pair of jeans as a goal I’ve made my decision and I go forward into this slimmer, faster, new world of switched desires, praying my taste buds bloom so much less, and that resolve hardens within me rather than those lumpy deposits of (face it) lard. I will not sit for so long at this desk and let my alter-ego—my computer—take over and pull words from me I don’t mean to say and draw me into long sitting sessions. I will get up often and exercise somewhat more, I will daily practice using my will power, also I will quit thinking so much about it and just do it, sometime pretty soon now, I think.


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