God is...

Praises to the God of all creation! We’ve had two bright days in a row. The late-afternoon March sun is both reflecting from and shining through a dark-green tall-necked bottle perched in the middle of my deck table. One side of the bottle is in the direct light; the other is slightly turned toward the shadows of the porch. Thus, the difference in the ways it reacts to the rays of the sun can be seen.

 From where I sit I can see one chair pulled back a bit from the table; the seat cushion is striped in both bright yellow and dark red; the yellow is drawing in the sun's warmth and the dark red is sending it out again.

The Holly bush,standing afar, appears as gilded silk, edged in gold reflections from the back-lit side; the near side seems to have swallowed the beams and internalizing them into velvet warmth of an emerald tinted midnight.

 My spirits are lifted, and my thoughts drift deeper as I consider the ins and outs of the bounds of nature and the soul of man. The receiving and reflecting of both shout the glory of a creative God. In the order of nature, and in the free-will of man; God is and has always been!

The Father's natural world is both reflective and receiving in a per-ordained way, there is no choice, yet it grows and bears fruit. The desire to know God was placed in the heart of man from time's beginning. Our longing to receive and reflect is activated by belief and faith, (because of God's Son and through His Spirit.) We too grow and bear fruit.

 I will live out my natural and spiritual existence in relationship with a holy God, absorbing and emitting His Spirit in this "fixed world." It was set in motion to be my earthly living womb; it carries me along to the birth of eternity, and when I cross through the entryway as time ends, I will forever know...

"In the beginning...God
Genesis 1:1


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