Sweet Praise

"Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world"…♫♪"

I knew the tune she was humming.

Her eyes were of a deep brown hue, so dark I could almost see my reflection in them. As I gazed deeply I could discern flecks of golden topaz winking back at me. She was a beautiful child. A crown of dark braids, with rebellious curls escaping capture, was competing for my attention with the many tiny ribbons that seem to float gracefully on her head.

She spoke Creole and had beautiful brown skin; I spoke Kentucky and have a redhead's freckled skin, but we connected; this adopted great-niece from Haiti.

 A bond formed as God in His usual fashion was at work in two hearts at the same time on the same subject. A tender love for this child—an escapee from the devastating Haitian earthquake—overwhelmed me.  I had a glimpse of the unfathomable love God sheds on His children. We shared a hesitant hug, as new friends do.

Then, holding me with her eyes, in stilted English, she began to sing…
Matthew 21:16 b   Jesus answered, "Don't you know that the scriptures say children, and infants will sing praises?" CEV 

 "Father give me a childlike praise in my heart today. Amen!”


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