Songs to My Heart

In response to Women of Faith's : Imagine God singing because of me.

I hear songs of praise and songs of blessings; and I am the voice in my ear, all the while my heart longs for that musical touch of my heavenly Father as His voice reins down in harmony with the angels singing over me. Lord give the hearing heart to me.

Thoughts of love songs sung to me, by the Father, take me to a worshipful place, on the chords healing melodies. I understand with my mind that He loves me , but to think of that love put to the strands of music is heart mending and strength giving, Holy Word tells me so. Lord sing through Your word to me.

Deep within the source of me I know this song is a sacrificial thing, what it cost and what I should bring. My Lord and I are singing together with different tones, His echoes forgiveness and has drawing power, mine are those of celebration and surrender. Lord let Your cross ever be the sweetest lullaby to me

To have His ballad wash through my spirit, takes me to my knees, and I need this so.
Lord let Your day song and Your night song ever be a balm that soothes one such as me.



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