Answering the Subject On Women of Faith Blog~"EXPECT DELAYS"

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For most of my life, I have always longed to see the answer to my prayers , and patience has often eluded me. But as "time" has mellowed me and God has matured me (somewhat) I now find that the very act of asking may be, more important than the answer or the time of waiting, for God already knows of my need as well as the needs of others for whom I pray. The "asking" speaks of trust, dependence, guidance and most importantly it draws me into further prayer, that of praise, adoration, and gratitude and in fact a love fest. I ask, and then lay the request at His feet as I wait in His presence. I may never know the answer but I can live in expectation and celebrate for I have done my part and that gives me the freedom to truly live and not stay suspended in my need.


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