The Way I Look???lol

Answering the question of "HOW DO I LOOK" posed by  WomenofFaith.com

~ The When, the Why and the Where!

On the day I was born, seventy three years ago, my Heavenly Father looked at me with eyes of love and he said "This is who you will be and this is how you will look, you will have dark auburn hair the darkest of brown eyes and to keep you humble I'll scatter thousand of golden freckles from head to toe, and as you try to count them you will be reminded of how measureless is my love for you. And that is how I became who I am; my physical distinctions help form my character and personality, and may I say I thank Him for the outcome, and from time to time I am pleased to be reminded that I am a unique person, designed by a God who is well pleased with His handy work.

I have friends and family who love me, and this may sound odd but I think they rarely truly see the "outer me" they just come on in to the "inner me" and we join each other spirits and find joy together. God has been so lavish with His love. Not only did He form me just the way I look and made me just the way I am. He put me in the perfect place for me to live and thrive, His beautiful land, Kentucky. He surroundes me with love, and that is also the "who and why" of who I am.


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