Cold Feet got no Rhythm, etc..

I have a foot problem, make that feet problems, I have three  feet problems for my two feet; #1 -cold feet, # 2- two left feet and # 3- foot in mouth (yes, it could be a disease).

For my "cold feet", pity Don, in the winter he has been my source of warmth for fifty-six and a half years. I wait for him to drift off to sleep in bed, while watching the news, it often takes less than six and a half minutes, stealthily I work my feet under his calves  to reach the maximum heat source, and then I make myself comfy and wait to thaw. I know he surely must dream of shark attack in the Arctic sea, with all of the bumping and resettling going on of my icy feet. I finally am toasty and I get my C-pap mask correctly adjusted, in those moments if he starts to snore, I just have to let it go—or cause him to turn over—and that is certainly not in my plan. Cozy and with hypothermia put off for a while I do a little drifting myself and I am in deep slumber by the time my legs go numb.

Concerning my "two left feet", I recommend the reading of a former post of mine named "Saturdays in my World"located in the February Archives. I've forever dreamed of dancing and in my dreams, I can. As for running, I always have to think it through while in mid-action or, I will topple right over one foot or the other. I think it has to do with being right handed but left footed which I am , I found it out when learning to slalom while water skiing. I know it is confusing, but trust me, I think it is a brain thing. I also have the tendency to clap on the off beat with my left hand it is weird. You may notice that when clapping to music I am keeping my eyes on some one who has rhythm, if it is you, don't mess me up!

Now for my very worse foot problem, "foot in mouth" and I do think it is a disease, I wish I could just take a pill. Saying what I only think I mean, too quickly, too loudly, with not much thinking taking place. No one may know about my problem until I mess up, my mouth takes over, and then I'm busted. I often have the nastiest taste in my mouth; I only realize it after I take my foot out. It doesn't seem to matter if I have my shoe on or if all of my toes are bare, the taste is the same. Now I can get my foot in very easily, I just open wide and give a little shove and in it goes, or sometime I actually think it walks up my body and jumps in all by itself without any help at all. However it happens, I am left with the after taste. Am I the only one with this problem? Even so, no excuses!

Because I do this writing thing, words come too easily often to my lips, spread to my fingertips, and end up in a general blood letting at the worst, or simple belittling spilling onto paper or over lips. Whether written or vocalized, once seen by other eyes and heard by other ears, it is here to stay and no shredder can destroy the evidence. So the bad taste lingers.

Now what to do, after gagging on the foot in mouth, chalk it up to a lesson learned? Beg for forgiveness; make that new start with an empty clean rinsed mouth, (special scrubbing for the tongue) and with thoughts washed pure, for what is in the heart (and mind) comes out through the mouth. Surely, God will wrestle this fault away from me, the effort may leave marks, and I hope it shows.

I know in my heart that God could grace me with rhythm, and warm my frigid toes, if it would be for the greater good, have any lasting worth, or be of value to His kingdom. If I could dance or clap my hands in time to the music (whatever that means) I would be so proud of ME,and  if I could always be just the right temperature I would be so pleased with ME. But I have an enduring need to depend on the "True Rhythm" of my life and the "True Source" of warmth in my life and He has provided Christians to imitate and Don to keep me warm. Bliss!

Oh yeah, the "foot in mouth" thing; God has walked all over my heart with my own foot and I am ready to switch to a mild "tongue in CHECK" thing, and He seems to be helping me with this too!

B's a Buzzin'


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