Midnight Snow

Snow covered street, night

Oh please! It is way past midnight, One AM, I am wide-awake and it is snowing again. This is "go insane" weather. I would crank up the coffee pot but my nerves really need to be sedated, gonna’ try a little melatonin.

So I did get up from here and took two melatonin along with my usual night time magical elixir; aspirin, cholesterol meds, hot pink pill , I forget what it is for, but it was there in the little green—don’t forget me—plate, the orange pill for the stomach thingy and now I am full.

Roamed around a little, and took another, more objective look outside, the sky appears to be on fire behind the cotton candy snow clouds, This seems to be one of those strange nights when the colors and brightness don't match the hands on the clock. If the neon in the sky is from the neon in our downtown, then something wild must be going on!

The light is still on in the kitchen and that crazy bird clock is gonna’ awaken Don; it sounds like a Terradactyl with a toothache. If I am up at three I may hear a “tweetie” bird song, if I am up at four then I will just sing along.

If I stay here long enough I’ll get chilled and start thinking of my clean sheets and electric blanket—pre-set on number two—and I will be lured up the hall into my chamber for one more of the craziest nights of sleep anyone ever had. Lately it has been like going to the drive in, I often feel the urge to get up and pop corn. The passing things that I have seen, heard and read get all jumbled behind my irises, and beam forth on my stereo screen, the back of my eyelids. Sometimes it is a variety show and then often an endless loop is the main event. Maybe I will try to sleep now, after all the show must go on, and I am the star!


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